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Re: Yers (was Re: Apologies)

From:Stephen Mulraney <ataltanie@...>
Date:Monday, December 1, 2003, 19:09
Tiëhţäk Dzsoun Käŭinä

["t_j@x{T "dzun_e "k{win{]

> > Sure. I'm not proposing that CS (which is really a mutant form of > Old Bulgarian) get a spelling reform at this late date, simply that the > spelling reforms that led to modern Russian spelling, both Peter's and > Lenin's, made a great deal of sense. (Except that Peter should have > standardized on the acute accent for the stress instead of dropping > all accents whatsoever, and should have done something about "o".)
What do you mean about "o"? Are you suggesting that akanie should be marked by changing _o_ to _a_ when it's unstressed? (I understand this is done to some extent in Belarusian orthography). Combined with shifting stress in inflected and derived forms of words, this would produce some orthographic unpleasantness. (What's the stress like in Belarusian, I wonder. being close to Polish might give it some tendency to fix stress and thence the ability to mark akanie). Or do you mean something about E versus E-diaresis? Once thing I find lacking from Russian orthography is the unpredictability of how E becomes E-diaresis when the stress shifts onto it. -- To be sure Stephen Mulraney to be sure