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Re: Retranslation

From:Clint Jackson Baker <litrex1@...>
Date:Monday, February 18, 2002, 19:44
Siyo, Joe, tsosikwa esawaka?  (That means, Hey, Joe,
what do you know?)

10 consonants + 5 vowels + heavy agglutination= very
confusing-looking words, I guess.  My own stubbornness
at work.  Thank you for the compliment.If you think it
looks beautiful, I wish you could hear it.  The only
thing I hate is when a bunch of h's get strung
together--I'm not fond of the sound but kept it to be
true to Cherokee.

I'm serious, though, about asking help for writing
down my grammar.


> > > > Nononono...I was just pointing out...your words look > so similar, it might be > easy to confuse, nonetheless, it's a beautiful
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