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Re: Retranslation

From:Clint Jackson Baker <litrex1@...>
Date:Saturday, February 23, 2002, 1:43
Siyo, kadlakayada!
I didn't mess up "paper" like I thought, so I must be
getting better.  I did make the "hi" mistake, though.
When it is simply "and", it is a separate word, but
when it specifically means, "with, accompanying",
implying the first conjunct has greater importance, it
suffixes to the second term.  I asterisk my one
mistake here, and don't bother to duplicate anything
as you have a copy of everything else.


> > <<< > > Iwolaki ladlehamalosanokayada lahowinoleha > tsidlahahekwihadani. Hi leso si ihetsika > linehowinoleda, imuwahetsika linehakada, hi ihetsika > linehakada, unumesodlanaka dlukude, hi si > unumesodlanaka dlukude, ihetsiko > linedlahahekwihadada. > Hi mane uhuhihihetsika ladlahahekwihadada *hi > lahowinoleda.* Inihetsika lamaloda "ahahihhetsika" > tsosikwe eduweki lamaloliweni, se amaseka tsosikwe > imesohetsiko tsimamamo. >
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Clint Jackson Baker <litrex1@...>
Clint Jackson Baker <litrex1@...>