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Re: That pesky H again (was: varia)

From:Ed Heil <edheil@...>
Date:Monday, February 7, 2000, 21:21
BP Jonsson wrote:

> At 02:49 +0000 7.2.2000, Ed Heil wrote: > > > > >To produce [@], one produces voice, keeps the nasal port closed, and holds > >the oral articulators in a particular position (a fairly slack one). > > The point is that that particular position is the oral articulators' > position of rest -- essentially the position they would have when > respirating with your mouth slightly open.
Yes, that's what I meant by "a fairly slack one."
> >To produced voiced consonants or other vowels, one also produces voice, > >but one holds the oral articulators and nasal port in whatever positions > >are appropriater for those consonants or vowels. > > > >So I think that voicing is only one characteristic of [@]; to talk about > >voicing as co-articulation of [@] one would have to essentially redefine > >[@] to get rid of all specifications except voicing, in which case you > >have simply turned [@] into a synonym for voice. > > > > You don't have to redefine [@]: sustained voice and [@] **are** the same > thing. It is just that it happens to be convenient to use different terms > in different contexts/functions. "Palatalization", [i] and [j] are > likewise "the same thing" in different functions. I can see why this may > bother you, but IMHO there is no need to bother.
I understand, and in fact in my original version of the post, which i lost through an accident, I had said as much -- that voice was just about the only particularly salient feature of [@], since the other features are basically "leave the articulators in rest position", so it isn't too much of a stretch to say "[@] and voice are the same thing." If you had to pick a phone to represent voicing, the way [i] or [j] represent palatalization, [@] would be the one. ---------------------------------------------------------------- .................... ....................... "In the labyrinth of the alphabet the truth is hidden. It is one thing repeated many times." -- AOS ----------------------------------------------------------------