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Re: GROUPLANG: Pronouns

From:Mathias M. Lassailly <lassailly@...>
Date:Sunday, October 18, 1998, 21:00
'my son sleeps' = abs-son att-me latter_one sleeps = 'the son whom I have sleeps'.
'the dog of my son sleeps' = dog att-son latter_one att-me latter_one sleeps = 'the
dog whom my son has whom I have sleeps'.

Carlos Thompson wrote:

> >1) My neighbourg has a big dog.
att-neighbour [att-me latter_one] age-dog [abs-latter_one bigness] property.
> > >2) The dog is red.
abs/att-dog red/redness.
> >3) Last night it bit me hard.
age-night time [age-latter_one previous] erg-it pat-me [att-this_fact hardness] bite-past.
> >4) Fortunately, the dog has no rabish and the injure was not deep.
age-next_fact luck-and att-not-dog rabies-and att-not-wound depth.
> >5) The dog is sleeping now.
age-now time, abs-dog sleep.
> >6) I have a little cat
att-me cat att-latter_one smallness.
> >7) My cat is friend of my neighbour's dog.
age-cat att-me latter_one att-dog att-neighbour latter_one friend.
> >8) My cat is sleeping on my lap.
abs-cat att-me latter_one att-this_fact age-lap place sleep.
> >9) I have two children.
att-me child age-latter_one two. att-me age-child two.
> >10) A boy and a girl.
boy-and girl. A boy and a girl play : abs-and-boy abs-and-girl game.
> >11) I've sleep my doghter early tonight.
erg-me abs-daughter age-night time att-this_fact earliness go-then sleep.
> >12) My son is working on the computer.
erg-son att-me latter_one abs-computer work.
> >13) My son is conlanging with my friends from the list.
erg-son att-me latter_one erg-and-friends att-list latter_one age-conlang artefact. Mathias ----- See the original message at -- Free e-mail group hosting at