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Re: Schwa font?

From:Eli Naeher <enaeher@...>
Date:Saturday, October 23, 1999, 0:53
On Fri, 22 Oct 1999, Theodore Kloba wrote:

> You won't see it in Character Map, since it only shows 256 characters. > Unicode fonts can have up to 65536 characters. The IPA set is between > 0250 and 02A8. If you use a MS Word, use Insert Symbol to find the > non-keyboard-accessible characters. Select Lucida Sans Unicode as the > font, and IPA Extensions as the subset.
Ahh. I don't have Word, unfortunately. Anyway, I wanted to use it on the Web, and if it's only in Win98 that would mess up a lot of viewers on older OSs, I imagine. Oh, well. Thanks for the help. ___ )_|_) Eli Naeher - )__|__) )___|___) "A whaleship was my Yale College and my Harvard." \-,__|_,---/ --Herman Melville \________/