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Jedi language web site

From:Jeff 'japhy' Pinyan <japhy@...>
Date:Friday, February 7, 2003, 1:27
I've started work on the base language to the Jedi and Sith dialects; it's
name is Onzhed'u (literally, Tongue of the Jedi), and now it's online[1].

It'll be experiencing a bunch of changes in the near future, I'm sure...
the name alone went from Om'uzhed to Jed'ruon to Onzhed'u in a day. ;)

I used a special font for the phonetic symbols, called SIL Doulos IPA93,
and it's the same font used at the "Sound Reference to the IPA" site[3].

And comments, questions, suggestions, etc. are appreciated.  The audio
samples will be working by Friday (New Jersey time).

That's all for now.


Jeff "japhy" Pinyan
RPI Acacia brother #734
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