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OT: semi-ot: linguistic studies

From:Quentin Read <quonton79@...>
Date:Friday, February 7, 2003, 3:16
I am looking at colleges and was wondering which ones
are best known for language studies.  I've been
thinking about Middlebury, a small place in Vermont
well known for foreign languages, but I was wondering
if yall know of any others especially those for
linguistics in general.  I don't know if I will really
focus in it or not but at least for fun...
Thanks for helping me out, Q

ps I had a synchromistic (or something like that)
experience lately.  The 3 letters a, o, and i together
seemed to me to be red, black, and white like the
Georgian flag and a, u, and e seemed to be red, blue,
and yellow like the Romanian flag.  ???


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