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Re: adjectives -> adverbs

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 24, 1999, 5:18
Daniel Andreasson wrote:

> Hello y'all! > > Lately I've been curious as to how adverbs are > formed out of adjectives. > > I know that in Swedish you use the neuter form > of adjectives, in English you use -ly, and in > German you don't do anything at all. > But there has to be more and cooler ways. > > I've been thinking about using an infix in my > conlang Rinya. ('Paeno' = good ; 'paenio' = well) > Or perhaps changing the last -o into -e. > > But then I run out of ideas. Do you guys know > of any cool way of doing this? There has to > be some unusual way in like African or Australian > languages for example. > > Hope you can give me some ideas,
Turning adjectives into adverbs is fairly straightforward:in Teonaht you just put a preposition in front of it that means "of," "out of": so if _tystra_ means "sudden," then _o tystra_ means "suddenly." But weirder in T. is the way it changes adverbs into verbs. Instead of saying "I swam swiftly," elry o nimint nweth, you can also say "in swimming I swifted," _rin nwethrem delry nimin_, meaning "I swam swiftly," only here the verb is the stative -ndi form "to be swift" and the verb swimming is allocated as a gerund. Sally Caves