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adjectives -> adverbs

From:Daniel Andreasson <noldo@...>
Date:Saturday, March 20, 1999, 13:53
Hello y'all!

Lately I've been curious as to how adverbs are=20
formed out of adjectives.=20

I know that in Swedish you use the neuter form
of adjectives, in English you use -ly, and in=20
German you don't do anything at all.
But there has to be more and cooler ways.

I've been thinking about using an infix in my
conlang Rinya. ('Paeno' =3D good ; 'paenio' =3D well)
Or perhaps changing the last -o into -e.

But then I run out of ideas. Do you guys know
of any cool way of doing this? There has to
be some unusual way in like African or Australian
languages for example.

Hope you can give me some ideas,

Daniel Andreasson