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CHAT: Handles/netnames (was: I need an artist ::: and articles)

Thursday, January 21, 1999,21:03Padraic Brown
Thursday, January 21, 1999,2:23Eric Christopherson
Wednesday, January 20, 1999,18:56Padraic Brown
Wednesday, January 20, 1999,16:11taliesin the storyteller
Tuesday, January 19, 1999,23:03Padraic Brown
Tuesday, January 19, 1999,20:20taliesin the storyteller
Tuesday, January 19, 1999,2:49Padraic Brown
Monday, January 18, 1999,23:04Rhialto
Monday, January 18, 1999,21:58Orjan Johansen
Monday, January 18, 1999,21:39Eric Christopherson
Monday, January 18, 1999,21:27taliesin the storyteller