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Re: Arvorec comes of age

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Monday, April 7, 2003, 15:15
Dan Jones wrote:
> > > !Warning! Do not look at this page if you are easily offended. Also, you > may need a unicode-enabled browser to see some of the special characters. >
Very nice! Only & #375 was invisible to me.
> So, has anyone else explored the possibility of invective in their
I'm working on _añañupit onam kaçaleç_[1], which will be written entirely in Kash, in a mix of vulgar slang with quite clinical explanations. You have some nice turns of phrase, which I'll try not to steal ;-) though some of these matters are fairly...universal. [1]añañupit: custom, collective abstract < ñupit 'accustomed' onam: sexual kaçale: adj.deriv. of kaç 'Kash'; it carries the plural marker -ç for the entire phrase in accord with affected bookish style.