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Arvorec comes of age

From:Dan Jones <devobratus@...>
Date:Saturday, April 5, 2003, 16:59
It's a lovely feeling, seeing one's conlang come to maturity. It's almost
like seeing your children past their eighteenth birthday and sending them
out into the adult community. And then what happens? They come home with a
stock of rude phrases that you wouldn't say to your grandmother.

While working on the Syntax section of the definitive Arvorec grammar, I
decided to divert myself by working on Arvorec slang and an "alternative
dictionary" because Padraic insulted someone in Arvorec. Noticing the
paucity of invective in my language, I decided to remedy this somewhat, and
the fruits of my scatalogical labours can be found here:

!Warning! Do not look at this page if you are easily offended. Also, you
may need a unicode-enabled browser to see some of the special characters.

So, has anyone else explored the possibility of invective in their conlang?


Ath yw dyned can pob den o rydhad o voenyth, cynanaf â chraveth.

            o Raeth 18 o Gorlavaraed Vethysadec an Dynedad Dyneth


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