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Re: Interbeing

From:Joe Hill <joe@...>
Date:Sunday, February 17, 2002, 18:05
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From: "David Peterson" <DigitalScream@...>
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Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2002 10:40 PM
Subject: Interbeing

> Heard a great chapter from this book written by a fellow named Thich
> Tanh (not sure of the spelling) today. I forget what the book was called, > but here's a shortening and reimagining of what was said: "The true poet
> see the cloud in this paper. For without a cloud there can be no rain,
> without rain, trees can't grow, and if trees can't grow, there would be no > paper. In this way, the paper and the cloud interare.
Thanks, needed something to translate! tupw l'akina avwx l'itwS t'tanozi uvwt, Za n'dazo l'ateS nag'utwS, ka n'talo l'ator nag'udoz, ka ga n'talo ator, tabo ahwS n'ivot. ukina arino tabo avwt ka l' atwS. tupw l' akina avwx l' itwS t' see.FUT the true poet.NOM.s the sky.ACC.s in/on tanozi uvwt za n' dazo l' this paper.DAT.s because not rain.PRS the atoS nag' utwS ka n' talo sky.NOM.d without sky.DAT.s and not grow.PRS l' ator nag' udoz ka ga the without water.DAT.p and if n' talo l' ator tabo not grow.PRS the be.PRS ahwS ivot. ukina there.NOM.s therefore arino tabo avwt ka l' atwS together be.PRS paper.NOM.s and the sky.NOM.s Notes: 1) 'ator' - 'trees' is a borrowed word, borrowed from English. Zitwbata has a form of consonantal root, the case and number indicated by the vowels. the root for 'tree' is 'tr', and of course, it is what tree is in English if you remove the vowels. 2) I cut out the last paragraph, largely because I didn't manage to include the word 'interbe'. Even if I did, it would be an 'official' word, because affixes don't appear in my lang, so coining words is tricky, without making completely original ones. 3) I don't like the look of my language. That'll teach me to use 'w' as a regular letter.