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Re: Interbeing

From:David Peterson <digitalscream@...>
Date:Saturday, February 23, 2002, 2:40
In a message dated 02/22/02 5:42:58 PM, kalatunu@HOTMAIL.COM writes:

<< very nice indeed. is there any grammar page available?
mathias >>

    :(  I'm sorry.  I feel very inferior to the rest of you because I just
have no clue how to design (or get, for that matter) a webpage, and I realize
that this really hinders anyone else's ability to actually learn more about
any of my languages.  Maybe during the summer I can get someone to teach me.


"Zi hiwejnat zodZaraDatsi pat Zi mirejsat dZaCajani sUlo."
"The future's uncertain and the end is always near."
                --Jim Morrison


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