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major catharsis

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Thursday, April 19, 2001, 22:40
If any of you are wondering where I've been...

Just doing a quick check-in. I'm completely overhauling my projects and
simplifying everything. Plus I've had pretty awful amnesia lately so much of the
time I'm pretty lost. And I'm setting up Linux on this old computer and that's
kept me pretty busy lately.

Some major changes:

1) The Tech language and the mutant elven race are now one and the same. That
means I have only one large-phonology conlang. The homeland of the Elves of
"City" has been moved to Egypt, and they now speak Tech, which is still based on
Nostratic vocabulary (with grammar based on Semitic and Indo-European). They are
also a nomadic people with a culture, history and diaspora very much based on
the Roma.

2) The Orcs are still a "thug" race based out of Antarctica, and speak a simple
language composed of on English and Latin words. The phonology is fairly
minimalist and the grammar non-inflectional, containing few or no bound

That leaves two fiction conlangs and one auxlang project for me.

Also, my homepage is undergoing a massive overhaul, since I've changed the theme
of my RPG project (it now takes place all over the world and possibly on the
Moon, Venus and Mars) and I'm making my webpages very simple and basic...

~ The Real Dubya ~

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