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Re: Herbs and Spices

From:Peter Bleackley <peter.bleackley@...>
Date:Thursday, February 19, 2009, 9:59
staving Roger Mills:
>There are several in Kash, fewer in Gwr and >Prevli. Among the Kash (analogues, of course): > >tandom ~tatom ~cloves >pirit ~peppercorns (several varieties from hot to mild) >uku a food grain ~rice or maybe ~millet >coloçe ~soybean; sucoloç ~soy sauce/nam pla; penjo ~tofu >yara ~allium spp. (onion, garlic etc) >petip ~garlic >sukekevu ~honey (produced by the kekevu [~bee] insect) >moco ~capsicum spp. (bell peppers, jalapeños et al., hot to mild) >otatap ~cucurbita spp. (melons, cukes etc.) >umalurit an oil derived from the alurit tree's >seed pods, very bitter, sometimes used (just a >drop or two) for flavoring, otherwise it's a fuel and lubricant........ >krende ~currants >ekaceyak 'sour leaf' (dried) used to make a >tea-- it has another name in Prevli, where it's >native-- they eat the fresh leaves (~mustard >greens?) but they deteriorate quickly and aren't exported >tisip pambara 'black berry' ~coffee bean >susambara ('black sauce') for coloring and flavoring, perhaps from ~squid ink. >kreles, kreleçu, kreçu weeds in general >trufa grass (cultivated, lawn type) >okam wild grass spp. >yosu ~taro (Prevli yotsu; they eat it boiled in >chunks or mashed (~poi) and dilute it to a mush >(lilis) for baby-food) A curiosity amongst the Kash... >vondo (< Prevli) a plant poison for arrows; used >medically as a muscle relaxant >vunja a plant-root extract to stun fish (Prevli vunzå) >kundamakra ~LSD ?? (Prevli gunzå magra) >psychotropic plant extract, used by Lañ-lañ >shamans to induce trance/hallucinations; some >Kash play around with it too...though it's hard >to get. The Kash word folk-etymoligizes to "laugh marrow/essence" ha ha
I managed to think up a few for Khangaþyagon last night. Challenging, because I feel I have to pretend I'm a synaesthete to come up with words that fit the spices. You should have seen me in my kitchen, sniffing at jars and trying to match the spices to the words - I'd think of a word, wonder if it was right for a spice, sniff a jar, and then say, "No, not that, what about..." before trying another one. So far I've got kivek - pepper khorrkirf - mustard (fire seed) ustirnarb - horseradish (oath root) olven - honey assak - coriander œsal - cinnamon hiris - basil tavan - cumin ifet - mint akhnel - ginger zurvin - thyme vitsen - cloves ulsir - saffron Pete