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From:Sai Emrys <saizai@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 28, 2005, 1:45
(Perhaps this will be a series - non-[insert kludgy but omnipresent
language feature here]. Eris would be proud.)

So in this case: non-duality / non-polarity / etc. Or another way to
put it - analogy / continuous scales.

The problem: there are too many words that reference what are actually
(multi-dimensional?) (infinite?) spectra as if they were two (or more,
but finite) points.

E.g.: Good/bad. Old/young. Rich/poor. Etc.

I object. I would like to eradicate all of these - and the associated
(cringily kludgy) Esperantoesque practice of having some word be the
base and then antonyming it (e.g. malbono [sp?] et al). Likewise with
referring to the spectrum, or the unkown quantity, with one of the
endpoint words - e.g. "how old are you?".

More, I would like to have some sort of grammatical and elegant way of
having a *continuous* spectrum. I don't object to having reference
points along the way (e.g. for color or temperature), just to having
voids inbetween.

The simplest idea I can think of for auditory mode is to use the two
major continuous factors of speech - vertical & horizontal tongue
position. This would work OK for finite spectra - i.e. 0-1 or (0,0) to
(1,1) - but not so much for the infinite. Not sure how to work that.

Any suggestions?

For that matter, as a starter, do any of you actually understand what
I'm talking about and why it annoys me? (Does this sound familiar?

 - Sai

P.S. DC is nice. Bloody swamp, but nice nonetheless.


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