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Lunatic Survey on an Electronic Journal

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 15, 2000, 2:31
"Audience, Uglossia, and Conlang: Inventing Languages on the
Internet" by yours truly was accepted and posted by

        M/C: A Journal of Media and Culture

This issue will be up for one month, and then it will be archived.

Thanks, everyone, for contributing to my two-years old "Lunatic
Survey," and I'm sorry that the piece has had to be so truncated.
I gave this talk at two conferences in 1999, at the International
Association for the Fantastic in the Arts, and for the Society for
Utopian Studies.  To get it published with Media/Culture, I had
to cut it brutally... and it's a lot more focussed; but the essence of
it is there, and I have links to websites.  I'm very grateful to
Media/Culture... they did a fast, and efficient job, and all on
donations only.  They are an award-winning Australian electronic
journal that publishes a variety of things (last issue had an essay
on "The Fifth Element"), and I thought an electronic journal would
be the most timely, and its medium most appropriate (links, etc.)
All the other articles on "audience" are about
advertising, and television, so this one stands out, as one of
the editors remarked, as fascinating and "weird."  He remarked
that he had NO IDEA how many of us were doing this.

I've published it under my "real" name, so don't be shocked.  I'm
still "Sally Caves" to all of you! ;-)  I guess that blows my
cover, but what the hay.  If this is going to be seen as a legitimate
and creative hobby, then we need to claim it.  Despite charges of

I am still, laboriously, putting together a lengthy set of websites
for the Bast Relay Translation Game of 1999.  It's at times like this
that I wish I had FrontPage or PageMaker, because everything is being
put in by hand, including the interlinear translations, with the
grammatical identifications under every word.  This has given me an
intimate knowledge of each of your conlangs! <G>  I'm about halfway
through, so please be patient.  When I'm done, and I've had the
inventors check their inventions, I'll post.

This did NOT get a reference in the article, but Irina's Translation
Relay on the Starling Song did!

I'm sorry I couldn't reference everybody.  They were really strict
about length.

Well, I've missed you all; I don't know how long I can tarry, but
I will be back more permanently when the semester is not quite so

Nwetis ravvo~
Sally Caves