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Gz^rod|in (Grammar : adjectives & misc)

From:Adrian Morgan <morg0072@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 15, 2000, 0:48
Now for today's quota:

I have a small number of prefixes and suffixes
wrt nouns and adjectives. These include:

-kky : Equivalent to the English _er_
       (zer^^kky = explorer)
-iu  : To be the subject of a verb
       (yeriu = living)
en-  : To be the object of a verb
       (enyara = object of desire)
g^n- : Negative of adjective
       (g^nenyara = not the object of desire)

There is no reason why some of these (esp. -iu)
might not become irregular as I develop the

The word for 'all' is 'sol', for 'some' is 'son'
and for 'zero' is 'zon'. I haven't named the
other numbers yet.

Nothing terribly original so far. My real
questions for today are as follows:

There is a form of an adjective (the relevant
suffix is -l or -ll) that means that the item
gained the adjective as a consequence of the
main verb. For example the word 'g^nenyaral'
means, (adj) "that ceased to be the object of
desire because of the event this sentence
describes". I want to know what a good name for
this form would be. In my notes I call it the
"byverbial" form of an adjective because it
is attributed _by_ the _verb_.

Basic word order in Gz^rod|in is SVO if the
object is a noun, or SOV if the object is an
adjective (as in "The sky is blue"). In the
latter case, the adjective must be in the
byverbial form. Byverbial adjectives always
come after the noun (which is not always
true of other adjectives).

Byverbials also provide the preferred way
(there is another method) to construct passive
sentences. The verb is converted into a
byverbial adjective and 'kkat' is used to mark
the verbspace.


M^no yara reqn
(I desire her)

Reqno enyaral kkat m^n
(She is desired by me)

M^n^ zer^^ ot Gz^rod|^^
(I explored in Gzarondar)

Ryn^ Gz^rod|^^ enzer^^l kkat mon
(Gzarondar was explored by me)

[What these transliterate to is: "SUBJECT
acquires attribute of being object of VERB via
INTERACTION (kkat) involving OBJECT".]

I have considered making the en- prefix optional
if the byverbial suffix is also present, so that
'enyaral' would be simply 'yaral' and so on. Is
this a good idea?

Also, currently it is not legal to create a
byverbial form of an adjective meaning, "being
the subject of <verb>". For example you can't
create a byverbial form of 'yeriu'. Can anyone
suggest a reason why I might want to rethink


P.S. Trivia time: The word for 'explorer',
'zer^^kky' was actually the first word in the
language, and its primitives were actually
derived backwards from it. The reason for this
is that in my (cowritten) fantasy, "The Cries
of an Injured World", my main character is
called Zerrakhi, and we are told that his name
means "Explorer".