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Re: Mauve and a related conlang question

From:Michael Poxon <m.poxon@...>
Date:Monday, June 10, 2002, 19:20
Not the right message to reply to, but the right area of contention:
Omeina basic colour terms as follows:-
Bel = white (properly not used of bright light, use kal=bright, shining; the
similarity with Quenya is coincidental)
Kuria = red/gold, can include yellow and orange; the colour of the dawn or
sunset is given as Irikuria.
Nili = light blue, blue of thin, watery things
Kiri = dark sky blue, "hard" blue, also I believe includes purple colours
Lain = a fairly dark leaf green
Gon = light to mid grey
Sin = dark: includes all dark colours and black.
These appear to be the basic colour terms, so if a term isn't there, there
is no word for it!
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