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Re: (opinion) self-seggregation considered harmful

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 6, 2004, 22:09
En réponse à Francois Herrscher :

>This is just an personal remark abou self-seggregative conlangs: except >computers, who cares about words being unambiguously separable?
Indeed. So far, people have proven to be rather good parsers ;) .
> This >prevents puns, and for these of you whose L1 is French, you certainly >know how semantically productive puns can be! >(Christophe, à l'aide!!!)
What kind of help do you need? :)) The list has known my opinion on this subject for years. It's not for nothing that I made Maggel after all ;))) . I guess it's also why I have had some frictions with Philippe for instance ;) .
> Sur, faut que je chante mes rudes reves au >lit...) (Boby Lapointe, naturlich)
I miss this one. But then I've never been good at puns :(( . Christophe Grandsire. You need a straight mind to invent a twisted conlang.