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Re: Yasaro writing

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Sunday, July 23, 2006, 21:45
Herman Miller wrote:

> Yasaro is written using the Lelimi script (Yasaro lelímī "alphabet"), > which is closely related to the Vlika script. The spelling of native > Yasaro words is largely based on the pronunciation of an earlier stage > of the language, Middle Yasaro, while retaining some features of Old > Yasaro pronunciation. Borrowed words are spelled in various ways > depending on when the words were borrowed and from which language.
I added an illustration of the Lelimi script, which as you can see looks a lot like the Vlika script I used for writing Tirelat. I'm thinking I should probably use Ljoerr for Tirelat, since it's the sort of writing system the logical Sangari would have come up with, and reserve the Vlika script for Zireen languages like Virelli. I already have Pintek as a native writing system for Jarda. The FrathWiki page also briefly mentions one of the sound changes in the history of the Yasaro language; voiced stops changed to nasals. (Mostly. There are a few cases of /g/ -> /v/ | _/u/ and similar conditioned changes, which preceded the voiced stop -> nasal change.) So Yasaro has two letters for /m/ and /n/ (original /m/ and /n/, plus original /b/ and /d/ which merged with /m/ and /n/).