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Re: Silindion

From:Elliott Lash <al260@...>
Date:Friday, November 3, 2000, 3:15
  Padraic ániyë:

 Why?  It's clear that there is some sound rule in operation here.
 Like, -VN + V -> -VNd + V where V is a vowel, N is a nasal sound.
 Perhaps accent dependant...lots of possihblities. Or perhaps it's an
 example of dissimilation: Old Silindion *silinnion -> silindion. Does
 it happen elsewhere in S?

       Hmmm ....  not that I know of, though I'd have to run a check,
the only word off the top of my head that looks sort of like this is
nïossë "silver". However I would rule out any -d- developing here,
since the cluster nd- is not permited at the beginning of words
(it becomes d-). Also, *silinnion does not exist, the word is from
*sil-lin-ion or "wild-growth = forest + language". You've got me
thinking though, I might have to delve into the monster that the
language has become, but I'm looking forward to it, if only I
had the time.