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Re: Compulsive behaviour

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Friday, May 14, 1999, 19:01
James Campbell wrote:

>A couple of weeks ago, Mum and I were talking about the events in the >Balkans. It had just been announced that some of the refugees would be >flown >to the UK. > >I said, "Of course, I'm going to have to learn Albanian now." > >With a shrug, Mum replied, "Well, it won't do you any harm." > >Looks like she's used to me then. ;-)
You know, this reminds me of when I was in school, and I had some friends who were a family from Vietnam, the Nguyens. And some other friends from Cambodia or Laos named Outhavong. They came here to Texas, don't know if they were refugees though. Of course there was a need for people who spoke Vietnamese, where there really wasn't before the Vietnam War. So we could use some Albanian speakers now. Fortunately, Albanian is probably much easier to learn for an English speaker than Vietnamese (a lot fewer diacritics too!) Danny _______________________________________________________________ Get Free Email and Do More On The Web. Visit