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Re: What are "Waponi" and "Nine"?

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Thursday, July 20, 2000, 3:58
Nicole in response to Josh:

>The Waponi Woo project comes from the movie Joe vs. the Volcano. 1989. >With Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Pretty bad film. (The really sad part is, >I remember watching this, but I was only five when it came out and we >rented it soon after.) Although, I'm not *exactly* sure what's going on >with the collaboration right now. Maybe Roger Mills or someone else >more involved could clarify that?>
Well, I'm not exactly sure what's going on with the collaboration, either, but it seems we're at least taxiing down the runway. Waponi (or whatever it's to be called) is to be a Romance language as spoken by Polynesians, the result of a Roman galley making it to the Tahiti area sometime around the beginning of the CE. To add some spice to the mixture, there were Greek and Aramaic speaking galley slaves aboard the ship, and some Druids I guess......Chollie (Leo Caesius) came up with the idea. I'm the Polynesian maven, Chollie and others will surely contribute the Latin/Aramaic/Greek, but anyone is welcome along on the trip and help with the rowing. Check the posts marked "Shady Austronesian Linguistics". Roger Mills