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Pre-IE languages in Europe, was Re: Alternative histories and paralele universes

From:Sam Bryant <sam_bryant@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 6, 1999, 21:14
Andrew Smith wrote:

a start the Indo-Europeans would not have been able to spread so </x-fontsize><x-fontsize><param>10</param></x-quoted></x-fontname>><x-quote= d></x-fontsize><x-fontsize><param>9</param>widely without their horse-drawn= chariots. Perhaps they only survived in </x-fontsize><x-fontsize><param>10</param></x-quoted>><x-quoted></x-fontsiz= e><x-fontsize><param>9</param>places where they had the advantage without h= orses (Asia minor, Greece, </x-fontsize><x-fontsize><param>10</param></x-quoted>><x-quoted></x-fontsiz= e><x-fontsize><param>9</param>Iran) and the rest of Eurasia speaks non-IE. </x-fontsize><x-fontsize><param>10</param></x-quoted> Speaking of which, could anybody name any reference on the languages spoken= in europe prior to Indo-european invasions (and their associated peoples)?= (IIRC, basque is supposed to be a remnant of one; and the non-IE words in = greek and germanic might be from others.) Thanks, ever green sam </x-fontsize>