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On the Conlang league of peoples

From:Carlos Thompson <chlewey@...>
Date:Thursday, January 7, 1999, 4:35
I really like the Idea of having my Hangkerim universe full of other conl=
angs of
those in this list.  But, after the matching of time lines (mine, Brithen=
Nowapan's, etc.) is difficult I'll just go for another solution for my di=
as longer as no author is offended, I would include which ever conlang I =
is suitable, but use my time line, i.e. I could imagine Hangkerim trading=
 with a
Brithenig speaking Cambria in an alternative history were H. and Cambria
coexist, and which is not the time line Brithenig group is involved in.

But there is another idea, if some one finds interesting: defining the ot=
cultures that live in America in the universe Hangkerim is... or help me =
in the
research of how those could have developed and from which families of lan=
they came.  The following is a little explanation of what happened in Ame=
rica in
the last 7000 years in my conuniverse

Two ancient cultures arose: Lemuraki (Mississippi), 7000 years ago, and
Papalegrita (Paran=E1), 6000 years ago.
Many cultures flourished in Mesoamerica.
Some Mesoamerican cultures invaded the ancient cultures.  The ancient cul=
were reborn either by the conquered or by the invaders.
Some Mesoamerican cultures invaded other Mesoamerican cultures, including=
Semtalika invasion of Hangkerim.
Some 1000 years ago, there were active commerce and occasionally some arm=
conflict between the nations.  There were still many tribes not forming a=
countries, mainly in the Amazon Jungle, North America Atlantic Coast, Can=
Northern Territories, and many not easily accessible regions.  Most count=
concentrated in Mesoamerica, Gulf of Mexico, Antilles and Rio de la Plata=
including the Lemuraki and the Papalegrita Empires.
Those nations traded by sea in medium sized boats or by land.  They had h=
and wheels.  Ships had the possibility of a trip to Europe or for crossin=
g the
Pacific with no difficulty but no one ever dared or cared.
When Columbus arrived, he established trade with the Antillian country th=
it was Zipango (Japan), but golden and evangelization fever was stronger =
and he
and the Spaniards he commanded, begun an invasion.
The invasion was partly successful in some areas, and more difficult in o=
ones.  Some Empires felt after disease and firearms, but most peoples
reorganized themselves and fought back.  In less than 200 years, Spain lo=
almost all their American territories to other European powers like Engla=
nd and
Now a day there are still some little European colonies.  Portugal is an =
ruled from Rio de Janeiro.  There are some small countries ruled by a whi=
majority, some countries ruled by a white minority and some countries rul=
ed by
American peoples, Alaska belong to Russia, and the Auletian and some othe=
r parts
of the pacific coast are Japan colonies, and most of the northermost of A=
are Danish territory.
Some of the American ruled countries were never threatened by European po=
but most of them had to repell European invaders.

In the last century there have been a big European war, a big Pacific war=
 and a
World War.  All three Hangkerim countries have been neutral in those wars=
Hangkerim is divided in three countries: The Kingdoms of Yelamha and Kuri=
and the republic of Dalurem.  These status are about to change because to=
afternoon the king of Kurimpe anounced abdication in favour of an elected=

president as result of negociation with pro-republican armed and politica=

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