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A theatre play for translation

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Saturday, April 24, 1999, 14:55
Some time ago I discovered some details about
Dr=E1selhadh theatre, and then I tried to write
a short play -- original, not translated. As the
current trend seems to be translation projects from
non-English langs, here's the first part, for those
who'd like to try.

The characters are P=E1lmadhel, a young woman alone in
her house (her husband has gone visiting his other
wife!); Fens=EEl, Lord of Night and Terror, who lives in
the dark side of the moon; =DCns=FCth, a giant spider that
takes Fens=EEl down to the earth in new moon nights; and
H=E1pseret, twin sister of Fens=EEl, who lives in the bright
side of the moon, and comes down to earth sometimes to
cool her brother down.

The _dh=EDkuvon_ "announcer" is just a boy or girl who
ocasionally interrupts the play to present characters
or situations. The _nanvonth_ "singers" are a choir
with maybe some simple instruments. The _huqronth_
"stormers" are the heavy sound FX guys.

Note: _iddreftel_, glossed "bad-wishing", means "wishing
bad things to happen to someone else, resentful, who
doesn't care what happens to someone" (the word in Spanish
is "despechado").

Cases: COMParative, GENitive, LOCative, ACCusative/dative
Tenses: PaST, ACTual present, FUTure (unmarked =3D simple present)
Aspect/mood/voice: PeRFect, SUBJunctive, Passive Voice, Middle Voice,
OBJective, INFinitive, POSsibilitive, NEGative, ReFleXive
Others: GRouP plural, POTential particle, PaRTitive/GENitive particle,

Dh=EDkuvon:- Iddreftel   P=E1lmadhel i   themar!
announcer  bad-wishing P=E1lmadhel GEN story

[Beid    Dh, edh      P=E1lmadhel.]
 exit.3s Dh  enter.3s P=E1lmadhel

P=E1lmadhel:- A san ren! B=EC  na porr iddr=E9ft.=20
            o my  man  POT to he   bad-wish.1s

Per sis=E4'q,      na pon klank=ECrrag sis=E4'q       porr!=20
cos PRF.go.3sPST to his 2nd_mate   PRF.go.3sPST he

[Huqar]    Gi     anth farb=FAn   endr=FC'ntim=FCaq.=20
 storming  due_to this this_way leave_alone.3sPST

Empevnel  ises     lu=E0m=FCr    nef farmaqsel=20
darkening moon.GEN night.LOC far NEG.protecting

endr=FCnt=E8n     sarn  sis=E4'q.      Veng  dh=F9nerg   lu=E0m!
leaving_alone I.ACC PRF.go.3sPST black hole.COMP night

I   thanim farninslur=F9sel  sar ens=E4nnat   porrn, be farkirrg=E9nt.=20
PRT jugde  NEG.getting_sad I   send.1sFUT he.ACC if NEG.become_widow.1s

Thuber=F3k      dhr=E1nostel antherg.
POS.happen.3s *thankable this.COMP

[F=EDuth       stena. Beid    P. Enedhdim         is.=20
 butterflies upward exit.3s P  make_enter.PV.3s moon

G=E4kul  th=FAltimek   esnunth. Edh      Fens=EEl.]
slowly cover.MV.3p torches  enter.3s Fens=EEl

Fens=EEl:- Vuosuv=FCaq    ises     tamal h=E0p   aus    b=FCd=FCr      br=
         depart.3sPST moon.GEN white light out_of it.REL.LOC escape.1s

=DCns=FCth! I   aqrembar qg=E9danaut   b=FCrthn   =F3lmon=FCr   heovek   =
=DCns=FCth  PRT surprise give.1p+FUT they.ACC world.LOC inhabit.3p they.R=

M=E9vadat    m=FCenn    mi  suek renhadh v=EDgars=FCen
take.1sFUT fear.ACC and over man.GRP overwhelm.OBJ

i   b=FCrr enm=E1ikatat          fanth luaman.
PRT it   make_abundant.1sFUT this  night.ACC

S=E4n-s=E4n, a =DCns=FCth! Pevenqr=FCr    affudhil hun=EDlasat        gia=
go-go    o =DCns=FCth  darkness.LOC madly    make_tired.1sFUT you.ACC

Nanvonth [edhd=E8n   =DCns=FCth]:-
singers   entering =DCns=FCth

        =DCns=FCth Fens=ECles   srukas
        =DCns=FCth Fens=EEl.GEN mount

        B=FCn gev=FCr    brampalek      k=E9rselhandh
        its eyes.LOC get_drowned.3p brave_one.GRP

        Vais         lostel n=FCmp,    vais         innivn
        turn_into.3s cold   fire.ACC turn_into.3s blood.ACC

        I   diniasst sallut=F3saqai    nainn
        PRT stars    make_lose.3sFUT sky.ACC

[Soldrel anthanth atth=FAltimek    esnunth.    Na =DC'ns=FCthes  quath   =
 hastily thisthis de-cover.MV.3p butterflies to =DCns=FCth.GEN jump.3s F

 G=FCft=E8n huqronth s=E4n   F mi  =DC. Edh      H=E1pseret.]
 doing  stormers go.3s F and =DC  enter.3s H=E1pseret

H=E1pseret:- Sis=E4'q       san lalet.  M=FCl  qat=E0s=E1r     is!=20
           PRF.go.3sPST my  brother only SUP.stay.3s moon

Th=E4n anth tadh    p=F2 br=F9n pevenai,   br=F9n =E4t   gl=E1ivaqai    h=
with this however so how  dark.3sACT how  till return.3sFUT light

soimol s=ECntaks    ql=E4mps=FCr    thurfartemb=E1danat.
grey   flowerless surface.LOC POS.NEG.RFX.amuse.1sFUT

[Pen=EDl.]  Vel   fr=FC=E8th thurfarsnits=FCn,  grutav  b=FCrrn!
 sigh.3s  among nobody hate.1s it.ACC

--Pablo Flores

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
En gian idgrivar fr=FAmneltel frasi=E9rraser gian pavonn
be i malladhar siqged=FCer.

"Don't blame your enemy for your disgrace=20
 if you've just given them a chance."

(Traditional Dr=E1selhadh saying)