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chock-a-blockful of Jewish data (wasRe: point to consider Mel Gibson's _Passion_

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 17, 2004, 12:39
In a message dated 2004:02:17 01:28:24 AM, draqonfayir@JUNO.COM writes:

>I'll just say one little thing about this, because I don't want to >really discuss this here (or maybe anywhere). When a Christian is >antisemitic, it generally has nothing to do with *Jesus*'s identity as >a Jew. It has to do with whether or not the people who killed him >were, and whether or not that has certain cosmological implications.
True. But there are also those in the Christian Identity movement - associated with such FarRight neo-Fascist groups like the Aryan Brotherhood and the Church of Jesus Christ Aryan led by the "Right Rev." Richard Butler - who insist that Jesus was not a Jew, thus giving them cosmological as well as racio-political carte blanche for Jew-bashing and genocide. The Justice Department, FBI's Hate Crimes Task Force, Southern Poverty Law Center's Klanwatch and the B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation organization are not the only groups in America that keep tabs on these racists and prosecute them via legal channels. There are many others as well. On a different - and possibly - "illegal front," the Jewish Defense League, the Young Lions of Judea, the Protection Society of the 10 Tribes, Organization Dan, the Militant Order of Judeo-Christian Solidarity, SCAR (Skinhead Coalition Against Racism), the AIN (Anarchist Intelligence Network), Mayday Action Group (MAG), Black Block and even the Native American anarcho-tribalist group Red Circle make every effort to infiltrate, monitor and/or take covert actions against such groups. Of possibly wider interest to the list maybe this NOVA website concerning the Lost Tribes of Israel: BTW part of _my_ mother's Christianized FooChow family - the Wong Side of the Chang Family - has direct connections of a Russian-Jewish nature circa late 18th century CE (a few hundred or so Russian Jews who escaped the devastating _pogroms_ of that time period fled to Beijing, Shanghai, Canton, Hong Kong and FooChow). So I, too, by Judaic heritage law, am a non-religious Jew. So I find the history of Chiang-Min China ( very very intriguing :) fascinating and enlightening. IIRC The Egyptian-Jewish music theorist Joseph Yasser lived in crime-ridden Shanghai in the roarin' 1920-1930's before immigrating to New York City. He wrote a book on 19-tone Equal Temperament. His exposure to and interest in Chinese music theories may have been a factor in _his_ theory that 19tET was the next step after 12tET. The Yiddish Anarchist movement has its early roots in Berlin, London and New York City. Some famous Yiddish Anarchists: Emma Goldman, Alexander Berkman, Gustav Landauer, Rudolf Rocker (though not Jewish, he edited a Yiddish Anarchist journal)... it is possible that the mysterious anarchist "B. Traven", author of _The Treasure of the Sierra Madre_, a.k.a. Ret Marut a.k.a Otto Feige, was Yiddish... China's own Anarchist Ba Jin (Li Feigan) was influenced by Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman. He translated works by Kropotkin, Goldman, Rocker and many others. His _nom de guerre_ "Ba Jin" is made - _mutatus mutandi_ -of the Ba as in BAkunin and the Kin as in KropotKIN. Noam Chomsky is also from a Jewish libertarian socialist lineage. ("Libertarian socialist" is just another way of saying "anarchist" w/o the loaded stereotyping of Anarchists as being gun-toting Sacco and Vanzettis or bomb-throwers or "punks" ["lifestyle anarchists", posers, as pacifist anarchist Paul Goodman calls them...]) Leo Tolstoy, though no Jew, is the figurehead of pacifistic Christian Anarchism. The Christian Anarchist Tolstoy Society in London was of course named after him. Gandhi was influenced by Tolstoy. The Civil Rights Movement in the US was directly influenced by the non-violent resistance strategies of Gandhi. The "Village Movement" in India was and is influenced by Gandhi and Kroptkin and is the basis of the All India Green Party. Fascinating the web of "hidden" and "lost" history be... we are all more connected than we usually realize. --- º°`°º ø,¸¸,ø º°`°º ø,¸¸,ø º°`°º ø,¸¸,ø º°`°º º°`°º ø,¸~-> Hanuman "Mister Sinister" Zhang, Sloth-Style Gungfu Typist & HISTORY-OBSESSED CHINAMAN - "the sloth is a chinese poet upsidedown" --- Jack Kerouac {1922-69} "We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for." - Robin Williams, _Dead Poet's Society_ "Chance is the inner rhythm of the world, and the soul of poetry." - Miguel de Unamuno "One thing foreigners, computers, and poets have in common is that they make unexpected linguistic associations." --- Jasia Reichardt "There is no reason for the poet to be limited to words, and in fact the poet is most poetic when inventing languages. Hence the concept of the poet as 'language designer'." --- O. B. Hardison, Jr. "La poésie date d' aujour d'hui." (Poetry dates from today) "La poésie est en jeu." (Poetry is in play) --- Blaise Cendrars --- *DiDJiBuNgA!!* --- Hanuman "Stitch" Zhang, ManglaLanger (mangle + manga + lang) Language[s] change[s]: vowels shift, phonologies crash-&-burn, grammars leak, morpho-syntactics implode, lexico-semantics mutate, lexicons explode, orthographies reform, typographies blip-&-beep, slang flashes, stylistics warp... linguistic (R)evolutions mark each-&-every quantum leap... languages are "naturally evolved wild systems... So language does not impose order on a chaotic universe, but reflects its own wildness back." - Gary Snyder "Some Languages Are Crushed to Powder but Rise Again as New Ones" - a chapter on pidgins and creoles, John McWhorter, _The Power of Babel: A Natural History of Language_ = ¡gw'araa legooset caacaa! ¡reez'arvaa. saalvaa. reecue. scoopaa-goomee en reezijcloo! = [Fight Linguistic Waste! Save, Salvage, Recover, Scavenge and Recycle!]


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