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chock-a-blockful of Jewish data (wasRe: point to consider MelGibson's _Passion_

From:Eddy Ohlms <etg@...>
Date:Thursday, February 19, 2004, 4:08
> The Yiddish Anarchist movement has its early roots in Berlin, London and > New York City. Some famous Yiddish Anarchists: Emma Goldman, Alexander > Berkman, Gustav Landauer, Rudolf Rocker (though not Jewish, he edited a Yiddish > Anarchist journal)... it is possible that the mysterious anarchist "B. Traven", > author of _The Treasure of the Sierra Madre_, a.k.a. Ret Marut a.k.a Otto Feige, > was Yiddish... > > China's own Anarchist Ba Jin (Li Feigan) was influenced by Emma Goldman > and Alexander Berkman. He translated works by Kropotkin, Goldman, Rocker and > many others. His _nom de guerre_ "Ba Jin" is made - _mutatus mutandi_ -of the Ba > as in BAkunin and the Kin as in KropotKIN. > > Noam Chomsky is also from a Jewish libertarian socialist lineage. > ("Libertarian socialist" is just another way of saying "anarchist" w/o the loaded > stereotyping of Anarchists as being gun-toting Sacco and Vanzettis or > bomb-throwers or "punks" ["lifestyle anarchists", posers, as pacifist anarchist Paul > Goodman calls them...]) > > Leo Tolstoy, though no Jew, is the figurehead of pacifistic Christian > Anarchism. The Christian Anarchist Tolstoy Society in London was of course named > after him.
They are my heros.