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Re: Gz^rod|in (Some grammar now)

From:Adrian Morgan <morg0072@...>
Date:Sunday, March 12, 2000, 7:29
Nik Taylor wrote, quoting myself:

> > I have defined four genders, called Feminine, > > Masculine, Living and Inert. Alternatives for the > > last two would be more than welcome. Here are the > > definitions: > > My suggestion would be "animate" and > "inanimate" for the last two.
Thankyou - I will adopt this suggestion. (Thanks also to Padraic for suggesting it first.) <snip Watakassi gender descriptions - suitably interesting>
> > - nouns relating to _past_ are masculine, e.g. > > history, yesterday, ruin > > - nouns relating to _future_ are feminine, e.g. > > hope, devastation, tomorrow; > > - a masculine abstact noun derived from a verb > > indicates commencement, e.g. masculine > > _The go(ing)_ means, the leaving; > > - a feminine abstract noun derived from a verb > > indicates completion, e.g. feminine _The > > go(ing)_ means, the arriving. > > Intriguing divisions! What would nouns referring > to _now_ (like "present" or "today"?) be?
Living/animate. I actually gave "present" as an example of this category. I devised the future/past gender distinction as a way of trying to give the language the "feel" of having been influenced by culture. It's not hard to conceive how a mythology of some sort might motivate such a distinction. I added the completion/commencement part later when I noticed an inconsistency that I had, until that point, unthinkingly inherited from English. In English, _When will you go?_ means, _When will you leave?_, whereas, _Where will you go?_ means, _Where will you arrive?_. It's the kind of subtle thing most people not designing a conlang wouldn't notice. But once I had noticed it, I needed to correct the error, and it occured to me that an extention of the gender scheme was as good a way as any of going about it. I have a further trick up my sleeve concerning Time - the Gz^rod|in verb meaning, _to live_ literally means _time travel_. zy (pron. zee) = space yy (pron. yee) = time zeq (pron. zair) = to go yeq (pron. yair) = to live Adrian. --