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Conlanging techniques

From:Bjorn Kristinsson <bjornkri@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 3, 2001, 23:03
First of all, you've been great! :D Must be the friendliest list I've ever
subscribed to :)

Now to my question, I was wondering if you had any conlanging techniques to
share. Like, do you use computers much and what software do you use? Do you
follow the now-surely-famous The Language Construction Kit guidelines? Or
what? I personally have found it very difficult making up a whole phonetic
system with restrictions and the lot before starting with the actual
lexicon, and likewise I find it difficult forming a grammar after making up
a lexicon, but then it's not easier at all doing it the other way around :P

So if you've found a good way of organizing things and such, please share :)


Björn Kristinsson
Common sense isn't.


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