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Re: The Bitha overview

From:Larry Schelin <lschelin@...>
Date:Saturday, October 9, 1999, 3:18
Hello again... sorry this took so long, working bizzare hours this week :(

Nik Taylor wrote:

> Larry Schelin wrote: > > > I don't understand why you have _bith_ there? > > > > I don't understand why you don't understand. Perhaps it's because I wrote it, and I > > already understand what I mean. Could you explain what confused you? > > If the action occurred 15 minutes ago, why's there a form that means > "one minute ago", and why are there two tense particles? Both "vith" > and "bith"? >
I understand... I wasn't thinking as clearly as I should have, let me try again Bimaghah ghengah vith ju mi ghengah ishadzi bith zija Bima-(noun-minute) -ghah (plural suffix-5 or more) ghengah (number- 15) vith (tense marker-past) ju (pronoun) mi (tense marker, present) ghengah (verb-throw) isha-(noun-ball) -dzi(prepositional suffix, at) bith (tense marker, 1 minute ago) zija (noun-dog) What I was thinking, tell me if this makes no sense, is that the first 'vith' can be translated as 'ago'. The 'bith' I wasn't thinking clearly about, it should be 'dith' (one hour ago). Does that make more sense, or do you think it would be better without the 'vith' at all? Joe