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Conlang T Shirt - Quenya

From:Brook Conner <nellardo@...>
Date:Sunday, October 31, 1999, 0:15
[elfling members - a group on another list is putting together a shirt
with "your language goes here" in a variety of real and constructed

Fabian writes:
 > Wanted languages
 > Russian, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi/Nepalese, Korean, Quenya
 > Plus all your conlangs

So, nobody seems to have taken a stab at Quenya (and I've got Quenya
tattooed on my arm....) so here it is.

 > Language name


 > Author name

Mine? Or the language?

Me: Brook Conner. The language: Duh.... J.R.R. Tolkien

 > transliteration in latin script

Lambelya nai hiruva sinomesse.

 > interlinear

Lambe-lya : Tongue-your

nai hiruva : may it be found

sinome-sse : here-(locative decl.)

 > optional paragraph describing the language, url, etc. (Thanks, Helge!)

 > For languages using other real world scripts - Email me and ask. Depending
 > on the script, I might be able to handle it as computer text.

So, do you have David Salo's Tengwar fonts? Or one encoded the same

If not in Salo's encoding, here's the Tengwar by name (as I would
write it):

"Lambelya" : lambe a  umbar e lambe yanta a

"nai" :  ore a (short carrier) i

"hiruva" : hyarmen i romen u vala a

"sinomesse" : silme (nuquema if prefered) i numen o malta e esse
(again, may be nuquema) e

If you don't have any Tengwar fonts, I can send you an image....

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