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Re: HUMOUR: English dual (was Re: Offlang suggestion)

From:Matthew Bladen <matthew.bladen@...>
Date:Saturday, April 6, 2002, 12:40
Saturday, April 06, 2002, 10:52:38 AM, Jonathan Knibb wrote:

JK> I apologise for taking your typo out of context, but I think you may have
JK> inadvertently stumbled across a (future?) English dual pronoun:

JK> wet (pronoun) = 'the two of us' - origin unclear, probably from 'we two',
JK> influenced by Quenya dual -t (i falmalinnar imbe met)

And, strangely enough, _wit_ is Old English for 'we two'...
(probably not news to anyone, but still rather fun)