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Re: Knowledge-related roots in sabyuk

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 7, 2002, 11:41
En réponse à julien eychenne <eychenne.j@...>:

> - Xayà ['Xayà] (the ``Beingty''
"Beingness" would be more appropriate. the "suffix" -ty is not productive in English (pretty normal. It appears AFAIK only in borrowings from French, and looks productive in those cases only because -té is quite productive in French). -ness, which has the same meaning, is on the other hand quite productive for this kind of neologism. [snip examples]
> > I don't give an example for each root, but I hope it helps you to > understand the differences I wanted to introduce in the language. > Comments are welcome. >
Interesting lexicon. A semantic differentiation between knowledge-sharing actions and more ordinary ones... interesting... I suppose that the society is a meritocracy. Not sure I would like to live there though, knowledge to me is a means, not an end :)) . Christophe. Take your life as a movie: do not let anybody else play the leading role.


julien eychenne <eychenne.j@...>