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News and a phonology or two...

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Date:Tuesday, January 4, 2000, 9:15
Hi All!

I've been busy as a beaver over the holiday period, mainly fiddling around with the
PCs of my fiancee and her mother, and fixing stuff around the house, but I'm
fairly well caught up with the list (yes, I am that rare beast who reads at
least some of every message posted without fail), so I feel I can start jumping
back in again. Unless I fall behind *again*! :-)

If my line-length is fubar, please mail me off-list.  Thx.

The Wene-thagojic subfamily is growing and mutating. The trade pidgin, the RPL
lang and mQlo` have all definately merged into one, and the new mQlo` grammar
is coming on in leaps and bounds.

I have two new phonologies within the family, as yet they have the glamorous
names WT6b and WT7, though once I start tinkering and experimenting, I'll know
more. Comments, please....

WT6b Phonology:


p    t    k    th
b    d    g    dh

f    s    x    s^
v    z    q    z^
fh   sh   xh   s^h
vh   zh   qh   z^h

m    n    n~   n^
w    l    w"   r
w^   y    j    h
p^   z"   ll   r^

X-SAMPA: (Look 'em up, I had to! :-)
p    t    k    T
b    d    g    D

p\   s    x    s`
B    z    G    z`
f    S    X    C
v    Z    R    j\

m    n    N    N\
w    l    H    r`
v\   j    M\   h
t_N  r`_r L    r\`

(is r`_r the same as j\ ? I'm not sure.  Maybe it's the same as j\_a ?)

Is it wildly unrealistic for a human (IE) lang to have all four pairs /s/,/z/
/S/,/Z/ /s`/,/z`/ and /C/,/j\/ as separate phonemes?

As yet undecided. Probably either simply i,a,u or somewhere around 15-20 vowels.
Depends how confident I feel describing vowels phonetically... (usually not

WT7 phonology:


Voiced and voiceless stops in Bilabial, Alveolar and Velar position.  Each stop can be

plain:      p  b  t  d  k  g
sibilised:  sp zb st zd sk zg
nasalised:  mp mb nt nd Nk Ng
affricated: pf bv tS dZ kx gG
fricative:  f  v  S  Z  x  G
post-sib'd: ps bz ts dz ks gz

(In normal orthography,
N is written n~,
S is written s^,
Z is written z^ and
G is written q)

Additional consonants:
m  /m/
n  /n/
n~ /N/
n^ /N\/
c  /q_</


Orthog:        X-SAMPA:
i      u        i      u
   e               @
      a o             A Q

There are 3 tones; low, high and falling.
Low is not marked, high is marked with an acute and falling is marked with a grave.

Vowels may be long or short, long vowels are written doubled.

Allowable diphthongues (sp?) are:

ie ea ao ou ui iu uo oa ae ei

These are all long vowels.

When writing long vowels, the tone mark (if any) is placed above the second (last)
vowel letter only, not above both.

Syllables are strictly open CV syllables at all times, and words are generally monosyllabic.

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