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Re: Arabic (Arabiya)

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Sunday, November 23, 2003, 6:21
On Sunday, November 23, 2003, at 04:00  AM, Adam Walker wrote:
> --- David Peterson <ThatBlueCat@...> wrote: >> The Arabic "s" that is neither "s" (siim) nor "sh" >> (shiim) is called "saad", >> and it's *not* retroflex; it's pharyngealized. If >> you know how to pronounce >> "ayn", try pronounce an "s" while pronouncing an >> "ayn". Or, while making the >> [A] vowel (as in, "Stick out your tongue and say"), >> try pronouncing an "s" >> *without* stopping the [A] sound. That will >> approximate the sound. Once >> you've got that, now try pronouncing it without an >> [A] vowel, and you're set. >>
I like to think about it as pronoucing a /s/ while pulling the back of your tongue back and down.
>> The Arabic "gh", called "ghayn", can be pronounced >> like a French /r/, since I >> *believe* one of the allophones for French /r/ is a >> voiced, velar fricative. >> Anyway, if you can pronounce Arabic "khaa" (looks >> like a "haa" with a dot >> underneath), then just voice it, and you've got >>
>> -David >>
|khaa| has the dot on top; |jiim| has it on the bottom. -Stephen (Steg) "dos iz nit der šteg!"