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Re: Vocab #4

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 1, 2002, 19:01
* Aidan Grey said on 2002-04-19 18:30:40 +0200
> Brought to you by S (for Sluggy) and F (for Freelance) and excalamations. > > ( see it's a very great web-comic, [..]
If you like Sluggy I recommend Faans <URL:>, the physics- inclined should try Freefall <URL:> and the sf-heads: Schlock Mercenary <URL:>
> Vocab:
Checking... I can do this! Wohoo! Latin-1 characters: ^ - length ` - second letter/member of falling diphthong ¨ - the syllable would be written in kanji if japanese-like writing-system... â - a^ ì - i` î - i^ ò - o` ð - small edh, voiced (inter)dental fricative ê - e^ ô - o^ ï - i¨ þ - small thorn, unvoiced (inter)dental fricative
> 1. bunny / rabbit
arâh "small, hairy herbivorous pack-animal that moves by jumping" - Never mind that they are bipedal and look more like wallabys :) In the case of Bun Bun, other terms would be more appropriate... like kaìrarâhva "blood bunny-wild" arâhvunva "bunny-diminutive-wild" caìennarâhvun "warrior bunny-diminutive" arâhvunoge "bunny-diminutive-bad" vynnarâhoge "small bunny-bad" rîxaìennarâh "torturer bunny" kaìrarâhva and rîxaìennarâh have the coolest rhythms, trochees...
> 2. ferret
tcuqkege - tube-rat
> 3. knife
Hmm... which to choose... dubh - single edged knife dugh - double edged knife, dagger krynn - blade
> 4. alien / foreigner
cigga "foreigner" (culturally wise) There's might not even be any word for beings like Aylee, as it's a very multi-"speciesal" place.
> 5. ouch! / ow!
aòa aòâ (the longer the second a the higher the pain)
> 6. help!
vajâ "imperative-help" vâ "help!" (from 'vajâ') jâ "help!" (from 'vajâ') vasaðhe "imperative-I.beneficiary" (high style) vasâið "imperative-I-beneficiary" (low style)
> 7. aaaa! (a scream of terror)
aî (see 5, swap a with i) Interchangeable with the next, though you can use this when something is thrilling or (very) embarassing or frustrating
> 8. aaaargh! (a scream of pain / failure / death)
aìê (see 5, swap a with e) Interchangeable with the previous
> 9. grrrr! (an intimidating growl)
H arrôah (see 5, swap a with o) hrr (less intimidating than {H})
> 10. blood
kaìr "blood, sap"
> Context:
Many of the sentences too! Wehey!
> 1. That bunny has a knife!
ïarâh dubeð - emphasis-bunny knife-possessed ry arâh ïdubeð - that bunny emphasis-knife-possessed ry arâhev ïdubeð - that bunny-possessor emphasis-knife-possessed ry arâh; iev ïdubeð - that bunny, it-possessor emphasis-knife-possessed arâhry ïdubeð - bunny-that emphasis-knife-possessed + a zillion other possibilities. Word order optional.
> 2. This is my ferret. She likes to dance!
(ry) te (ï)tcuqkege; kîel min saha - (that) my (emphasis-)tube-rat, she-experiencer enjoy dancing 'saha' might not stand between 'kîel' and 'min' but apart from that any order goes. 'kîel min' can be replaced by 'kimin', however it is more likely that the gender would be dropped: 'iel min', 'yl min', which is low and high style respectively; 'ymin', 'lemin', which are the least marked (y-: subject from context (but never first person), le-: previous subject (slightly more specific than y-)) te tcuqkege; lemin saha - my tube-rat, it-enjoys dancing Contrast: te tcuqkegel min saha - my tube-rat-experiencer enjoys dancing
> 4. Does that alien eat people or not?
sul ry cigga geìllo sïaþaþ - yes/no that foreigner eat-or.not generic.person-patient sul ry cigga geìllo sïsriaþ - yes/no that foreigner eat-or.not generic-sentient-patient sul ry cigga geìllo sriamaþ - yes/no that foreigner eat-or.not sentient-set-patient 'sul' must be the first word, the other words can go in any order.
> 5. Ouch! The rabbit with the knife cut off my arm!
aòa; dubetarâh kekir,a ,araþ - ouch, knife-having-bunny cut.completely arm-patient ',ar' is the lower part of the arm, from the elbow downwards Any word order after the ';' possible
> 8. Aaaargh! It cut off my other arm!
aìê; ykekir,a ,araqaþ - argh, contextual.subject-cut.completely arm-next-patient (Potentially more arms left) aìê; ykekir,a ,arrisaþ - argh, contextual.subject-cut.completely arm-last-patient (Definitely no arms left afterwards) t.