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Belief in Conlangs

From:Peter Bleackley <peter.bleackley@...>
Date:Thursday, June 12, 2003, 9:01
Staving Christopher Wright:

>ObConlang: in Sturnan, there are words for something that is certainly, >absolutely true (referon); something that can be conjectured, heard on >good authority, or is logically acceptable (faron len a okwi, "true in the >eyes"); and something that is trusted as truth but cannot be proven >(irdhan). Atomic theory would be faron len a okwi; some would claim that >the veracity of the world is referon, whereas others insist it is merely >irdhan; the same debate is given for Christianity.[1]
Khangaþyagon has two words for believe tamit- means "believe unfoundedly, speculatively or insincerely" whereas samnag- means "believe sincerely or with good reason". samnag- is generally used for religious faith - to use tamit- in this context is an accusation of charlatanism. In the recent relay, my original text "tamiting yi mallsheurroshtkur, wiþingar yir zaldep mœza, beb narrsloning yi enil" (He believed that the monks had great treasure, and coveted it) ended up in one branch as "samnagingar holar yurishar yikur yagingar yir genesh" (Good people believed they spoke the truth). Points awarded for turning waffle relevant! Pete