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Re: A request for Ray: The aptitive

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 9, 1999, 20:43
Irina Rempt wrote:

> And parts 2 and 3 of your Teach Yourself give a 404 Not Found. Just > when I was doing so well... > > Irina >
Oh Irina... and everybody... that's because your poorrun-off-her-feet Sally hasn't had a chance to put those up yet. I have the CONCEPTS for them, but haven't had the time to get the narrative together, with the groovy pictures, and the sexy events and the succinct grammar lessons. Essentially, Joseph Atticus is going to get himself into a kettle of trouble with the Teonim, but this project, probably my most ambitious outside of putting up all the vocabulary, is very draining. HOWEVER... you might be interested, Irina, in looking at my RECIPES, that are going up sometime today. Only one recipe. I have a paper to write! The other two vegetable stew recipes will go up later, but for IRINA I'll put one up today. And for anybody else who's interested.