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A request for Ray: The aptitive

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 9, 1999, 6:16
Dear Ray,

Forget Orin...
More fruitful than finding loopholes in a thesis you haven't
read <G> would be to help me find a term for a
construction that I am tentatively calling the
"aptitive gerundial."  You very generously helped me decide
on terms for the passive and progressive gerundial, and I
thank you for that effort eight months ago!  Your learning is
very helpful on this list.  I came up with the potentive, and
as you may recall (but I don't expect you to), these are
adjectival constructions in Teonaht that use the gerund:

POTENTIVE:  to kwecyrem,  "for cooking," "cookable.."
    commanco to kwecyrem, "a cookable feast."
PASSIVE:    tsob kwecyrem, "under cooking,"
    "cooked/being cooked."
     commanco tsobkwecyrem, "a feast being cooked."
PROGRESSIVE:  bom kwecyrem, "with cooking," "cooking."
    Bomkwecyrem al nantry, "my mother (is) cooking.
    Or:  Li kwecyvar bomkwecyrem, "the cooking cook."
APTITIVE: (?)    om kwecyrem,  "of cooking," "cookative,"
    concocting, given to cooking, culinary, always in  the kitchen."
    Li gwenda om kwecyrem, "the domestic girl."

It has a habitual sense to it, but "habituative" didn't seem quite right.
The term needs to express the sense given in our -ive endings:
tendency towards, aptitude towards, given to doing something.
No one has said that the Aptitive is inapt, nobody has said that it's apt.
Have I just coined a new word?  Or is there one out there that is used
to describe a tendency towards something?  The inclinative?

One more request:  Since you live near the place, maybe you could
answer a question I posed to your Brethenig/Kernu/ConCeltic list
that was met with stone-cold silence:  Where can I get a common
sticker--Rwyn Caru Cymru--with a "heart" where the "caru" is,
for my new car?  The old sticker, weathering rain and snow and
salt dust for twelve years, went the way of the old car.

I would even jump for a Welsh dragon.  I also had a Swiss sticker
with the white cross on a red field.  That seems as elusive, almost,
as the Rwyn caru Cymru sticker.

Anybody who lives near some kind of Celtic store could probably
help me.

diolch yn iawn, a...
yry poy NWETIS firrimby...

Sally Caves

(I'm aware that the Verbs page has a lot of bloopers in it
that need correcting!)(And I haven't even managed to
put up the separate chapter on the Teonaht copula, yet!)

Htena htena htena harym uopa il epan
Snow snow snow here   up to the eyes.