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Russian words

From:Dmitry Ivanov <lingwadeplaneta@...>
Date:Friday, August 24, 2007, 14:34
Here is a small list of some easily pronounced Russian and Finnish words.
Maybe they will be of use for somebody. (One person asked me to think about
such words but included in his conlang only one from the list.)

ibo - because
veda - knowledje
vedati (or veday in imperative) - to know. This is close to Sanskrite.
goli - naked
pena - foam
buditi, budi - to wake up
bumaga - paper
bita - bat (sport tool)
uvaga - attention (Ukr.)
voda - water (close to English)
vata - cotton wool
guba - lip
divitisya, hence divi - to marvel at
divo - wonder, miracle, marvel
duga - arc, arch
daje - even (j=zh)
duje - very (Ukr.)
diki - wild
dariti, hence dari - to make a present, to give
dar - a present; gift
duti - to blow (about wind or a man)
dusha - soul
kiva - OK, nice, good, first-class (Finnish from Russian)
kipa - pile, stack
kisa - cat (more usual "koshka")
kucha - heap, pile
libo - or, either
loma - vacation (fin)
lipa - linden
lupa - permission (fin) or magnifying glass (rus)
lisa - fox
niva - cornfield; field (also figurative)
nebo - sky
nega - bliss, delight; contentment; languor
nado - (one) should, (one) needs, it's necessary to
nitka - thread
lanka - thread (fin)
puzo - paunch, belly
pika - pike, lance (rus); quick (fin)
pila - saw
pima - sour milk (fin)
saja - soot
suka - bitch
salo - lard (Ukr.); forest (fin)
selo - village
talo - building (fin)
koti - house (fin)
telo - body
seno - hay
sera - sulfur
sota - honeycomb (rus); war (fin)
sito - sieve (noun)
susha - (main)land, dry land
toka - only (spoken Russian, form "tolko")
tucha - (dark o big) cloud
oblako - (just any) cloud
chado - child
chudo - miracle
shina - tyre
slomati - to break, slom - breaking, hence slomay - to break
sliva - plum
stena - wall
slediti, hence sledi - to watch; spy (on/upon); look after
plavay - to swim (as usual I prefer imperative form)
glupi - stupid, silly
gluboki - deep
blago - boon; good
smeniti, hence smeni - replace; supersede
dubina - club, bludgeon, cudgel
yuna - train (fin)
lipu - ticket (fin)
mali - model, example; pattern (fin)
ovi - door (fin)
kello - clock (fin). Also used when indicating time: kello 6 = 6 o'clock

Dmitry Ivanov

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