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Hopi vowels

From:dirk elzinga <dirk.elzinga@...>
Date:Thursday, April 12, 2001, 14:58

Last night I took a gander in _Hopìikwa Lavàtutuveni_, the
massive Hopi Dictionary recently published by the University of
Arizona Press, and they give the following vowel inventory for

        i     i-
        e  ö      o

Whorf also includes a mid front unrounded vowel in his
description of Hopi from _Linguistic Structures of Native
America_. I have no idea where the /e/ came from historically,
but it's robustly enough attested that it can't just be from

Hmmmph. It's still a weird system.


Dirk Elzinga                

"The strong craving for a simple formula
has been the undoing of linguists."               - Edward Sapir