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CHAT: diglossic double dactyl

From:John Cowan <cowan@...>
Date:Thursday, April 12, 2001, 4:10
All right, peoples, get a load a dis (I couldn't resist):

Quaxiti quuxiti,      Quaxity quuxity,
Remus et Romulus        Remus and Romulus,
Gemini fratres a        Wolf-nourished brothers, were
Lupa aluntur.           Twins, so they say.
Romulus inquit: non     Romulus patiently
Aedificabitur           Founded a city; as
Paucis diebus, sed      He said, "Rome will not be
Roma nascetur.          Built in a day."
        -- Quuxus Maximus (Guy L. Steele)

John Cowan                         
One art/there is/no less/no more/All things/to do/with sparks/galore
        --Douglas Hofstadter