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OT: Romanian

From:# 1 <salut_vous_autre@...>
Date:Friday, March 4, 2005, 7:35
I know this is OT but I don't know whom else I could ask it to

That question concerns the romanian language about which I'm interested
since I have a new teacher who comes from there and speak the language

It's about the pronounciation, so if someone here speaks romanian (a natal
or anyone who thinks their pronounciation's good) I'd need help

The question is: how are pronounced the final "i"'s in a words?

(like in: Ce mai faci? = How are you?)

On the websites indicating the pronounciation, they never use real phonetic

They say that it is a final whisper but I don't know what they really mean

Do they mean that it is a voiceless /i/? like /i_o/? or any other voiceless

Or do they mean that the preciding consonant, that the "i" is also supposed
to make shorter, is aspirated so that a final "i" is /_h/?

Or it is really a whirstle that could be like a /h=/? a syllabic /h/ (I'm
not even sure that's possible)

These are the only three possibilities I see but it could be something else

Maybe you'll say the best way would be to ask my teacher but I'm not sure
she knows phonetic and I don't want to seem showy and pretentious with her