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Yay!!!! I have a web page!!!!

From:Josh Roth <fuscian@...>
Date:Thursday, November 12, 1998, 1:39
I finally have my web page up:

<A HREF=""></A>

A few disclaimers:

It is still under lots of construction, as I think most new web pages are.
The main page (the one to which the URL above goes) seems to come out right on
Macintoshes but not on PCs.  On Macintoshes, the background image doesn't
repeat; the text stops where the natural end of the picture is, and also, the
title of the page is centered BETWEEN the tops of two buildings, as it is
meant to be.  But on PCs, it seems all the text gets bigger--the text goes
down further and the picture starts repeating, so it looks bad, and the title
clashes with the picture.  If anyone knows how this can be fixed, I would be
most grateful for your help (hint, hint).

I called my page the land of Nod, which is meant to be something of a synonym
for La-La land, where I've been for the last few weeks :-) (I've just been
very out of it for some reason... perhaps inadequate sleep).  The not yet
existent pages about the land of Nod will have just stuff about me, like some
of my art, etc.  The language of Nod, Frame, is set apart from the rest
because it does not fit into the same world as them.  Those other languages
are found on the Languages of Earth and Imheran page (Imheran is the planet
where my languages live).  The only language up now is Eloshtan.  Up about
Eloshtan are the Eloshtan-English dictionary (the revers will be up very
shortly), an incomplete alphabet page (tho you can find out the most important
stuff, and some of the grammar.

Please visit my page and enjoy!