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From:John Fisher <john@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 4, 1998, 1:51
I've just put up a new version of the Elet Anta vocabulary.  This is the
result of weeks and weeks going through it all, and finding literally
hundreds of errors...  Also there are a number of new words, bringing it
up to 2600 EA headwords, which corresponds to nearly 6000 English

This is pretty much the version of the vocabulary which will be in the
hard-copy version when it comes...

Since people were saying that we don't present enough of what we have
actually done, I thought I'd put a couple of random vocabulary entries
here as examples.  The words marked with *'s appear in the English index
to the vocabulary, which will come with it.

The first is what's called a suffixed verb - it does the sort of thing
that prepositions do in English, as well as being used for other things.

#0840 orga (Vsuff-l)        be *before (time), *ago
 Elen Yanus Februrga: January is before February
 Col ivrianorgaw: It will happen before Saturday
 En layta tuca minytorgaw: S/he arrived ten minutes ago
 yorgaw: before that
 N-orge: *until before, *till before (fairly rare)
 N-orgo: *since before
 In melen colotonvaw Kristayrorgow: I have lived in the house since
  before Christmas
 In melen colotonvaw tuca sarfalorgow: I have lived in the house
  since ten years ago
 (Vin): be before, *beforehand, *earlier, *former, *ex-, *past
 orgay meleriaw: the former captain
 orgay alepen: *ex-partner
 orgay zeniasu: a past life
 orgaw: earlier/*already: In orgaw prash betheniara: I cooked supper
  earlier/I have already cooked supper
 *formerly: In orgaw melen Carc Lidonvaw: Formerly I lived in London
 *yet/*so *far: In orgaw do layta: I have not arrived yet/so far
 orgasu (N): the *past (particular)
 En etrecsien orgasulva: S/he has a complex past
 orgasa (N): the past (in general)
 Orgasa mendel pe ascal: The past cannot be changed
 orgayas (N): *history
 (-o/attrib): (be) *historical, to do with history
 Orgayasye Cadol: Historical Society
 orgayasyal (N): *historian
 A-orga: (for example):
 tenorga: be a short while before
 Tenorgay trampisu cos halant ech-chactesuma: *Recent discoveries have
  cured this disease
 tenorgaw: *shortly before, *recently, *lately
 do-orga: be no time before
 do-orgaw: *just
 In do-orgaw yin branta: I have just woken up
 lacorga (Vin): be *first, *initial

The other one is a verb.

#1700 yonti (Vin)           be *extreme
 *utter, *total, *utmost, *absolute etc
 arn yontiwa: be extremely large, as large as could be imagined;
 En zenia yontiwa: S/he lived to the *uttermost
 yontien arec: the *furthest edge; yontie rontas: the uttermost depths
  yontie shecyen: utterly unpleasant person; yontien atorgyen: utterly
  evil person
 yontisu (N): *extremeness, extreme
 yontiasi (N): *extremism
 yontial (N): *extremist
 yontiha (X): exclamation of complete *astonishment: Good God!


John Fisher