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CHAT: What kind of conlanger I am.

From:Carlos Thompson <chlewey@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 4, 1998, 1:02
Should I invent a language for personal use?  I want to, I have a candidate
between my hibernating projects... if I ever have the time to revive it and
further develop it (desoccidentalize it).

Should I invent a language for experiment with linguistics?  I want to too.
Those won't be called languages by Lojbab but I thing those projects belong here
the way any other constructed language, conAILs included, does.

Should I invent a language for a fictional (alien or fantastic) race?  I would
like to.  Actually I would like to create a whole world, and stories in it.  But
I see this far from me now.

Should I contribute to any group project?  The GROUPLANG we where developing
with Pablo, Mathias, Christhophe, Herman and others which I don't know why it
seams to have died... I've been having to much work lately to follow the long
threads.  I still lurk on NGL and occasionally contribute.   I hope I could be
count as one of the "big players".

Should I invent an auxiliary language?  No.  I could pretend to invent a
language which could be use as auxiliary: ease of learning as L2, and any other
feature I could think is good for IALs but I wouldn't pretend it to become a
real AIL, just an experiment of what an AIL could be.

Should I learn some others conlang?  Well I would like to learn NGL, I would
like to learn enough of some language of the people of the list in other to
translate (to code) some pieces of mine but not to the extend to actually learn
them and actively used them... well, if I had the possibility but I'm not that
good for languages.  I would like to speak Esperanto.   And of course, I want to
learn my personal language.

Should I support an auxiliary language?  Dunno.  I'm lurking on auxlang list
(I'm a bad lurker, so I post occasionally) and I would like people could speak
in a common language but I'm far from being an auxlanger.

Should I get involved in a language community?  Like Esperantistujo,
Klingon(sp?) clubs, or anything like that.  Yes.  I would like if I had the time
and the patient for learning that community language.

Should I teach my conlang or any conlang to friends, girlfriend/wife, children?
I would like it too.

I guess this can define me as a guy (25 for the age records) with no clear goal
in its conlang projects.  Which is not an auxlanger, has something of artlanger,
and many ideas he finds difficoult to implement.  I guess it has something to do
with me being a INTP Architect reather than a Constructor...

-- Carlos Th